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Ambassador Tropic Scratch Cards

Ambassador Tropic Scratch Cards

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These scratch off business cards are a fabulous way of giving your customer a little treat with their order and not to mention a little bit of fun! - Who doesn’t like a scratch card?! 
Please leave a message (or email) of what you would like underneath the scratch panel, you may choose 1 code per set of 10! (Eg if you order 50 you can choose 5 different offers!) 
Here are some ideas 
- Free Mini Body Wash 

- £5 Tropic Voucher

- Free Facial

- £10 voucher when you host a tropic experience 

- Bamboo Cloth

Each card is approx 5cm x 8.5cm and comes with a holographic scratch off panel - it is recommended to use a coin to scratch the panels as it needs something with an edge to scratch off to prevent it being scratch during the delivery to your customer!

Please send your social media details to 
And please do not hesitate to ask me any questions!